[Pre-Order] Kokoro — 31 Japanese Lessons for the Daily Life


“This is the book I wished existed when I started my journey of learning lessons from the age-old Japanese culture.”

Over the years, I have spent an astonishingly large number of hours learning and applying many well-known and lesser-known philosophies, concepts, and techniques from Japanese culture to my life and day-to-day activities, which, in turn, have brought a positive shift in my outlook on this modern world.

This book is a hand-crafted package to pass on those learnings to you in a practical approach.

I have hand-picked, distilled, and packaged 31 timeless lessons from the Japanese culture into this delightful ebook, where each chapter is designed to be mindful of your time, help you relate to the concepts, introduce them to your life through small actionable steps, and transcend into a purposeful and calm life.

🧘 What’s in this book?

  • 31 short, meaningful and actionable chapters. Each is based on one philosophy/concept

  • Real-life personal examples to help you relate to each concept better

  • Targets every part of our lives— attitude, health, money, mental wellness, dealing with setbacks, growth and more

  • Beautifully designed and enhanced for an effortless reading experience

  • Bonus materials to help cement the new ideas into your lifestyle

You’ll love this book and the diverse lessons waiting for you to unlock. Pre-order now to get it at a lower price before the official launch at the end of April.

💵 How much does it cost?

The pre-order for this book will run on staggered pricing, which means the earlier you buy, the less you pay:

→ First 10 buyers get it at $10 [Sold Out]

→ Next 20 buyers get it at $15 [Sold Out]

→ Next 30 buyers get it at $20

→ Next buyers get it at $25

🤝 How will you get this ebook?

Since this is a pre-order, you’ll be charged today to hold your order at a discounted price.

When the book launches at the end of April, you’ll receive a copy of the ebook in PDF format and all bonus material via email (which you have used while purchasing this book).

📮 Have questions?

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