Actionable Book Summaries & Notes by Hulry

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My personal growth has skyrocketed due to a sustained habit of reading and distilling books for years.


Books require a significant investment of time and money.

More than 3 years and $1,368 went into reading and extracting valuable lessons from 150+ books till now.

But, you don't have to do the same.

With a one-time payment, you access my ever-growing collection of book notes and summaries and save years of work that I've done.

This is for you, if:

  • You want to take away valuable advice without investing hours of your time reading books cover to cover
  • You want to quickly refresh or revisit a topic you've read in a book
  • You want to save hundreds of dollars by buying only the books that interest you

How It Looks

You'll get access to a private website where you'll be able to read all available summaries and notes in a beautiful, readable format.

Learn Extra Through Annotated Notes

Read relevant extra information through annotated notes spread across a summary:

Navigate to Any Section using the Summary Outline

Quickly jump to any section in a summary through a handy floating table of contents:

Instantly Search Across All Summaries

Remember an idea or a sentence but not the book name?

Search across all summary content in this collection in an instant:

Links to Learning Resources

Summaries are tagged with relevant articles, tweets, and videos to help you find the right content effortlessly:

Internal Links for Deep Learning

Summaries are interconnected based on the context of the paragraph that you're reading:

Clicking on these links opens other relevant summaries or specific and highly-relevant sections of other summaries in the collection.

Think of it as blogs, but for book summaries.

TL;DR Takeaways at the End

Want actionable takeaways from the summary? I've got you covered:

With this neatly organised library, I can quickly relearn major concepts of a book, refer to a life-changing topic, or come up with content for my blog.

Now, you can too.


  1. Which books do you cover? I cover non-fiction books on personal growth, money, productivity, habit building, and more.
  2. What if I've read these books already? These summaries can help you understand the books better by distilling the key concepts and providing extra information for connecting the dots.
  3. How many book summaries are in this collection? There are 18 book summaries in this collection right now. More on the way.
  4. Why not Blinkist? You'll get my personal notes and curated resources along with the summaries. Something that Blinkist and other summaries are missing.

More Questions?

Email me or slide into my DMs on Twitter.

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You'll get access to a private website where you can read these summaries and notes anytime

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Actionable Book Summaries & Notes by Hulry

2 ratings
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